Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Well it’s another beautiful day here on the South Coast but we must do some WORK!

Have some orders to pack and send off to our customers, so might take advantage of the sun and parcel them up in the garden under the parasol.

Running your own business does have its joys on a day like this.

Found some more rustic pottery pieces and oven to table bakeware from Pearsons of Chesterfield  in a house sale, wonderful for stews and casseroles, plus fruit cobblers and summer puddings, plus we also found a very well loved Mrs Beetons’ Cookery book dating from the early 1900′s so might try out a few of the recipes!


Large Pearsons of Chesterfield Stoneware Casserole Pot


Large Vintage Pearsons of Chesterfield Stoneware Casserole Pot

Will post a few of the recipes on the blog soon, so watch this space!