Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas!

With the nights drawing in and fires being lit in the evening as the temperatures start to drop, decided it was time to do a bit of crafting for the upcoming festive season.

Have been making our Winter Spice Pot Pourri which has natural scents and ingredients including Dried Rose Hips, All Spice Berries, Whole Cloves & Cinnamon Sticks with the added extra of a large Pine Cone which has been hand dipped with Cinnamon Scented Soy Wax.


The scents in the house are amazing!

Because I love using these lovely pine cones have also made up some seperate bags of them in Cinnamon scented Soy Wax so you can add them to your existing pot pourri.

More scents for you!

Also newly added are two new candles, both fully scented with the beautiful sweet aroma of Milk and Honey.

Beautiful Stoneware Goblet Candle

Will be adding more pieces over the next few days and weeks,  in the mean time why not pop along to the website to find out what else is available.

Jules xx